Early Intervention Preschool (EIVP):

UTUT’s Early Intervention division provides children with a small-group, intensive learning environment focused on accelerating skills necessary for successful integration into school. Our specialized curriculum incorporates core learning requirements outlined in both the Ontario kindergarten and elementary curriculum as well as  school readiness skills outlined in the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills- Revised (ABLLS-R). Our program fosters independence, communication, joint attention and stimulates imitation skills by teaching students how to play and demonstrate prosocial behaviour. In addition to the academic program, each class will participate  in at least two excursions ‘play dates’ off sight with parents, students and teachers to expose, develop, and practise our social skills in a new environment. Our Early intervention programs are staffed with Early Childhood Educators (ECE), Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) and Behaviour Therapists.